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Facebook introduces “Listen” button to artist pages

Ahren Lester
Facebook introduces “Listen” button to artist pages

Social media giant, Facebook, has introduced a “Listen” button to its artist pages which allows users to listen to songs by the artist immediately.

Techcrunch announced on April 17th the introduction noting that “Facebook co-opts the best thing about MySpace pages—rapid music discovery.” Certainly, the ailing social media site, MySpace, may have a lot to worry about with this development.

Unlike with MySpace, Facebook’s new addition does not require the artist to upload music in order for them to be available. When the user hits the “Listen” button—sitting next to the ubiquitous “Like” button—they are transported to their favourite music streaming app, such as Spotify, Rdio, and more.

Users will have a different experience according to which music app they use. For example, Spotify plays the artists five most popular songs. In contrast, Rdio knocks together a “radio station” composed of a mix of the artists songs.

For those without a music app already set-up, Facebook helps by prompting you to set one up by revealing which is the most popular amongst your friends or from around the world.

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This new addition appears to nicely dovetail with Facebook’s update in January with the addition of the “Listen with” button which allowed you to listen simultaneously to a track with a friend if they are already currently listening to music.

Currently the “Listen” button only work with your PC/MAC. A mobile app is no doubt in the pipeline.

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