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The Flaming Lips release song based on iPhone’s Siri voice assistant

Ahren Lester
The Flaming Lips release song based on iPhone’s Siri voice assistant

The ever unique Oklahoma-based psychedelic rock band, The Flaming Lips, have used the new iPhone’s virtual personal assistant, Siri, as the basis for their first new song of 2012.

The song, entitled 'Now I Understand', was released yesterday (January 29th) on The Flaming Lips’ Sound Cloud account. It opens with the female-voiced Siri assistant informing “Wayne”, referring to the bands frontman Wayne Coyne, that she doesn’t understand. Then follows over 3 minutes of textbook Lips work which is both weird and oddly engaging.

The Flaming Lips are, of course, famous for their unusual musical output including the six-hour song released last year. However, since their founding in 1983 they have remained ever-popular. Indeed, in 2009 it was even announced that, after a vote, their song 'Do You Realise??” had been selected to be the official rock song of Oklahoma.

Siri, which is now an integrated part of the iPhone’s iOS 5, has become something of a star by itself with various stories spiralling around the internet from telling a twelve-year-old boy to “Shut the f*** up” in Tesco to being remarkably coy about persistent user proclamations that “I love you Siri” and equally coy on being asked “Are you planning to overthrow humanity?”.

The song has already received over 10,000 listens on Sound Cloud. However, The Flaming Lips' bassist, Michael Ivins, noted on Twitter that it would only be available online for a few days.

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You can listen to "Now I Understand" in full below.

Now I Understand by theflaminglips

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