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NAMM 2012: H.E.A.R. to provide free earplugs to NAMM attendees

Ahren Lester
NAMM 2012: H.E.A.R. to provide free earplugs to NAMM attendees

The hearing loss prevention charity, H.E.A.R., is to offer free ear plugs as well as other hearing conservation advice and information to attendees at the 2012 Winter NAMM.

The San Francisco-based charity, whose full name is the Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers, was founded in 1988 by musician Kathy Peck and physician Flash Gordon to raise awareness of the dangers of repeated exposure to excessive noise for musicians and music fans which can cause hearing loss and tinnitus.

As part of this mission they will descend upon the high-profile NAMM 2012 music trade show being held in Anaheim, California between January 19th and 22nd.

“H.E.A.R. has been working together for some time with NAMM in these efforts,” explained Peck, “and is very pleased to be able to provide a hearing conservation platform for what we expect will be an outstanding NAMM show this year.”

Attendees will be able to pick up their free Mack’s earplugs which will be located in a number of NAMM bins positioned around the showroom and lobby of the NAMM convention.

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H.E.A.R. will also be showcasing their Cine Gold Eagle award-winning “rockmentary”. Listen Smart: Safely Handling the Power of Sound was produced by Dan Beck and features Ozzy Osborune, Metallica and others. It aims to create awareness about Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) and encourages safer practices in consuming high decibel sound.

What is more, those attendees who head to the H.E.A.R. booth will receive free ear impressions. These will allow people to custom fit items such as musicians’ ear plugs and personal monitors.

Peck, who suffers from tinnitus herself, was delighted to point out that some in-roads have already been made on their hearing health mission amongst musicians and music fans.

“We are seeing a wonderful change in the way musicians, sound engineers, music industry professionals and music students care for their hearing, but more needs to be done,” she explained. “It is our pleasure to work with NAMM to further help people protect themselves from hearing damage as well as to save the hearing they still have - if any loss has already occurred.”

H.E.A.R. is a non-profit hearing health organization which is supported by the music industry, musicians, audiologists, physicians, hearing health organizations, health manufacturers and individual donors.

H.E.A.R. will be located at Booth No. 2005 in the lobby of Hall D. 

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