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Radiohead rocks with L-Acoustics

Andrew Low
Radiohead rocks with L-Acoustics
Radiohead is touring the USA and Europe in support of their recent release In Rainbows, which received mad press frenzie when the band offered it as a 'pay what you want' download on their website.

For their recent show in Paris, France, the main FOH PA consisted of two hangs of 15 V-Dosc cabinets and an additional two sets of three dV-DOSCs. Side hangs were made up of 14 V-DOSC and three dV-DOSCs per side. Thirty-two of the company’s SB28 subwoofers were also used, driven by its LA8 amplified controllers.

System Engineer Sherif El Barbari explained: "With the exception of the two shows in Bercy, Paris all of the concerts are outdoor shows. Either stadiums, sheds, green fields or amphitheatres, which makes the sound design very challenging. I am impressed by the power of the 32 L-Acoustics SB28 subwoofers driven by LA8. Also, we have used the SB28 in cardioid configuration on four shows so far. The results are impressive.”

Radiohead's mixing engineer, Jim Warren, added: “I still sometimes find myself going to switch off my nearfield monitors in an arena show, only to find that they are off already. The clarity and precision of the V-DOSC system still surprises me after 10 years of using them in just about every live sound environment there is.”


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