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Tannoy heat up The Igloo with VQ

Tannoy heat up The Igloo with VQ
Tannoy’s hottest new product, the VQ Series loudspeaker system, was recently in one of Glastonbury Festivals' most innovative tents in the Dance Village – The Igloo.

A recent addition to the famous festival’s Dance Village, the Igloo is the brainchild of cutting edge events company Igloo Vision, providing a unique immersive 360 degree projection environment designed to transport the 1,400 capacity audience to an alternate world using live video mixing and audio.

In the case of Glastonbury, The Igloo hosted some big name DJs including Ninja Tunes artists, The Quemists, and Dave Beer, and needed a capable sound system to meet their demands. That’s where Tannoy’s VQ came in.

With just a single stack per side, comprising a VQ NET 60 cabinet above an accompanying VS218 DR subwoofer, the aesthetic impact on the visual projection space of the Igloo interior was minimal, but the sound impressive.

“I was worried that just two subs and two VQ NET 60 tops for 1,400 people would be cutting it fine, but it absolutely kicked arse - to a staggering degree, commented Tannoy’s Tim Gray. "The best thing about the system though, was getting more familiar with the subs. This new twin 18” design clearly sets a new performance standard for Tannoy subwoofers and it’s just awesome for sub-bass …these things are monsters, and musical too."

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According to Tannoy, the new VQ series was designed for any application where precise directional control, outstanding sonic performance, and high SPL's are critical issues; and the Igloo dome demanded just that, as Igloo Vision’s Colin Yellowley explained;

"Due to the nature of Glastonbury's restrictions on what we could use for a sound system we found ourselves in a tough position. Tannoy’s VQ system allowed us to provide amazing clarity of sound at a high impact level that left DJs clamouring to use the system. This combined with the 360 projections of the Igloo combined to create something that was considered to be the best offering in the dance village area.

"The physical size was also a great bonus for us. Due to the nature of our geodesic dome tent floor space is of a premium and the low footprint of the VQ system helped squeeze those extra punters in."

Official video footage of the Igloo venue in action is available to view on HERE

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