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Commenting Guidelines

We want to be a vibrant forum for constructive industry debate.

The Article Comments system is a key part of this, enabling Audio Pro readers to contribute their views instantly to the stories of the day, in addition to engaging with each other and our team of writers.

As such, we have put together the following Commenting Guidelines, which we hope will establish healthy ground rules and ensure our moderation process is transparent should we need to remove a post.

Please read the guidelines carefully before posting a comment on

Think Before You Post: We want to encourage intelligent, industry-related conversations and debate on Please keep your posts relevant - we may remove off-topic discussions to keep threads on track.

Personal or Defamatory Attacks: These will not be tolerated, whether directed at fellow site users, Audio Pro staff or any other individual. Anyone engaging in such behaviour will be warned and, if necessary, banned from posting again.

Bad Language & Threatening Behaviour: Please respect other people's viewpoints and beliefs. We will remove any content that is offensive or threatening. Anyone engaging in such behaviour will be warned and, if necessary, banned from posting again.

Discriminatory Views: Racist, sexist and homophobic posts will not be tolerated and we will remove all such content. Users engaging in such behaviour will be banned from posting and, if necessary, reported to the relevant authorities.

Zero Spam Zone: Any obvious spam, or posts that are clearly intended as ads for commercial products and services, will be removed.

Help Us: We monitor Comments and Forum activity on the Audio Pro website as much as humanly possible. Sometimes we can miss things, however. If you spot something you feel is inappropriate, please notify us and we'll take appropriate action.

NOTE: Your full name as you registered it will be attributed to your Comment.

We welcome feedback from the Audio Pro community on this issue – if you think there are things that should be added to the above list, please drop us a line at