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Audiogaming’s new 2 VSTp brings new dimensions to sonic synthesis

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Daniel Gumble
Audiogaming’s new 2 VSTp brings new dimensions to sonic synthesis

New audio dimensions

Audiogaming's two new VSTp offer real-time procedural synthesis in the form of AudioWind and AudioRain.

New tools to offer fine tuning to sound editors and designers

After two years of development, French company Audiogaming has introduced two new VSTp  (VST Procedural) to the market in the form of AudioWind and AudioRain.

Working in the field of procedural audio, Audiogaming develops new tools designed to offer innovative possibilities for video games, television and movies. Based on complex algorithms, the brand’s solutions aim to synthesize any type of sound in real time without the need for any pre-recorded material, offering full control over the sound produced.

Centred on a new generation engine (DOSE), the AudioWind and AudioRain plug-ins can combine to allow the modulation of the rain sound according to wind speed and ensures coherent scenes.

AudioWind and AudioRain features:

- Real-time procedural synthesis - Only a few amount of space used      
- Mono, stereo, 2.1, 4.0, full 5.1 sound field - Brand new sound engine (DOSE)       
- Numerous tweaks with automation - 50+ presets           
- Slave mode for the rain - VST, AU, RTAS (coming soon)               
- Fast install and fast loading - Windows, MacOSX         

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AudioWind and AudioRain are available now from 245€ each (launching price, 149€), and the bundle AudioWeather, 399€ (launching price, 199€).

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