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Blue Microphones unveils new MIKEY Digital iPhone, iPod and iPad mic

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Ahren Lester
Blue Microphones unveils new MIKEY Digital iPhone, iPod and iPad mic

MIKEY Digital released by Blue

The new MIKEY Digital can be used for the latest generation of Apple iPhone, iPad and IPod Touch

Blue Microphones has released its new MIKEY Digital mic which can be used with all latest Apple products including the iPhone and iPad

California-based microphone manufacturer, Blue Microphones, have announced its new plug-and-play external microphone, the MIKEY Digital, which now works with the latest iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod Touch (4th Generation) and iPad and iPad 2.

The MIKEY Digital, which weighs a little over 80 grams, includes two custom-tuned condenser capsules (the same capsules are used in Blue’s Snowball and Yeti USB mics). This means that the MIKEY Digital, despite its diminutive size, is able to capture studio-quality audio.

The MIKEY Digital can be used alongside a number of iOS’s various audio apps or the video function. This includes Blue’s own Blue FiRe recording app.

So, what else is included with the MIKEY Digital? The mic also incorporates an automatic and manual gain setting. The automatic gain setting allows the MIKEY to intelligently control and adjust to fit the fluctuating volume levels. Equally, using the manual gain option users are able to lock the mic to high or low sensitivity.

What is more, the MIKEY Digital includes an LED which highlights to the user whenever the volume levels or distortion are affecting the recording. This provides the necessary feedback for the user to adjust the settings in order to improve the recording quality.

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The MIKEY Digital also incorporates an 3.5mm input jack for guitars, mics and any other device with a line-out.

Equally, if you intend to record for prolonged periods of time the MIKEY Digital also includes a USB charging port meaning that your device can be constantly connected to the mains whilst using your device with mic connected if you wish.

Conveniently the MIKEY Digital is also able to rotate through 230 degrees. This is useful in allowing the user to adjust the angle to improve recording. Are you a big fan of making videos on your iPhone or iPad? Good news. This function is particularly useful for users who wish to use the MIKEY Digital to improve the audio on their videos captured on their iPhone, iPod or iPad device. This is due to the fact that the camera can be aligned easily for either the front or rear cameras.

MIKEY Digital also benefits from a high-quality, built-in mic preamp. It also includes a CD quality A/D converter.

Also, according to Blue, the MIKEY Digital includes an advanced processor which safeguards the future app compatibility of the device.

The MIKEY Digital has a Frequency Response of between 35Hz and 20kHz.

The MIKEY Digital will be out in Spring 2012. Its recommended retail price will be $99.

The MIKEY Digital is one of a triumvirate of new release by Blue Microphones in 2012. The others being the USB Tiki and the USB and iPad compatible Spark Digital.

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