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Funktion-One launches F1201 and F215 MkII

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Daniel Gumble
Funktion-One launches F1201 and F215 MkII

The F1201 and F215 MkII

Funktion-One's latest offerings each utilise the company's specialised tuning techniques to provide optimum clarity and performance.

New products unveiled at PLASA 2012 show

UK audio specialist Funktion-One has expanded its product line with the launch of two new products - the F1201 and the F215 MkII.

Officially launched at the recent PLASA 2012 show at London’s Earls Court, the F1201 marks the latest addition to the company’s small speaker range. Using the combination of a 12” driver and 1” compression driver, the F1201 is designed to offer optimum clarity and level over a wide range of frequencies. As a result of Funktion-One’s enclosure tuning and driver optimisation, no processor or system equalisation is required, therefore maximising the overall fidelity and performance.

The trapezoid shape, combined with an HF horn that can be rotated through 90°, is aimed at facilitating simple horizontal or vertical deployment, as well as being part of horizontal and vertical arrays for larger dispersion. Furthermore, the F1201 can be used as a stand alone PA, as well as in small clubs and bars. It is also ideally suited for use with Infrabass 218 and F121 bass enclosures where low bass extension is needed.

Meanwhile, Funktion-One’s F215 MkII is designed to provide well de?ned bass from a compact enclosure. Utilising similar bass loading technology to the company’s F218, along with a Funktion One high performance driver speci?cation and an overall tuning aimed at delivering greater impact, the F215 Mk2 is built to offer optimum mid/upper bass performance. 

The F215 MkII can also be used as a main stand-alone bass enclosure for smaller systems or combined with other Funktion One bass enclosures to form the heart of larger systems.

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F1201 features:

·  Compact enclosure with high output
·  Wide dispersion
·  12” and 1” drivers optimised to Funktion-One speci?cation.
·  High passive crossover point to HF driver for low distortion
·  Trapezoid shape and rotatable HF horn
·  M8 mounting and attachment points
·  Curved powder-coated mild steel grill
·  Integral pole mount 

F215 MkII features:

·  Fully horn loaded for high ef?ciency
·  Advanced loudspeaker driver design
·  Integral Handles
·  Optional Wheels
·  Integral 35mm “Top Hat” with M20 thread for mounting
   mid-high enclosures

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