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Green Halse Mute 16

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GreenHalse Electronics


Andrew Low
Green Halse Mute 16

UK manufacturer, GreenHalse Electronics Mute16 is a multi-channel, rack-mounted audio mute system, designed to allow safety systems to be heard clearly in the event of an emergency or a critical public announcement.

The Mute16 uses voltage-controlled amplifiers (VCAs) to simultaneously mute up to 16 channels of balanced, line level audio. The control input is an optically isolated, normally closed signal. When the control signal becomes open-circuit, the audio outputs are all quickly muted. When the control signal is restored, the audio output level gradually rises back to normal over a period of approximately two seconds.

Typical applications of the Mute16 are muting of sound reinforcement systems during emergency announcements, such as discos, theatres, nightclubs, festivals and any public entertainment venue. It can also be used as part of an automated venue sound pressure level (SPL) control system.

Installation costs often form a significant chunk of a system budget and the Mute16 has been designed to be as standard as possible. The unit is connected between the mixer and power amplifiers and occupies 2U of rack space. Using XLR connectors, the units can be fitted in new systems, retrofitted to existing set-ups or included in temporary rigs.


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