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Soundcraft launches Si Performer range with integrated DMX

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Daniel Gumble
Soundcraft launches Si Performer range with integrated DMX

All about the Performer

The Soundcraft Si Performer is the first digital audio mixer with integrated DMX for lighting control.

Lighting control brings new dimensions to small format console

Harman’s Soundcraft has broken new ground in the world of digital audio mixing consoles with the launch of the Si Performer range, a new range of mixers boasting integrated DMX functionality to provide lighting control options.

With an input capacity of 80 inputs to mix on all models, the Si Performer range builds upon Soundcraft’s Si Compact Series, providing almost twice as much DSP power and increased functionality. The built-in I/O sees the Si Performer 2 comprise 24 mic and eight line inputs, while the Si Performer 3 offers 32 mic and eight line inputs, as well as four FX return channels. Two option card slots also allow I/O expansion via any of the Soundcraft stageboxes and option cards from the Soundcraft ViSi Connect range, making it possible to patch up to 80 inputs to mix, or from CobraNet, AVIOM or AES inputs via the appropriate cards.

The integration of a DMX512 port offers core lighting control, with the initial release of software providing four scene masters (A-D) with associated slave channels on the ALT fader layers. Individual colour intensities or parameters are set on the slave faders with an overall master level fader, which can be assigned to any of the main fader layers for simultaneous access to audio and lighting levels. To automate the process, DMX settings may be stored alongside audio settings in the snapshot system, meaning that both may be recalled automatically by a single button press or via an external MIDI command. With selective isolation, snapshots with just audio or lighting parameter changes may be recalled.

With fully-parametric four-band EQ as standard on all input channels, the Si Performer also comes with BSS graphic EQs on all bus outputs. This is in addition to the already standard filters, gates, compressors and delays on all inputs, as well as the compressors and delays on all outputs, which, when calculated, delivers the equivalent of over 220 rack units of processing in a small footprint.

14 mixes can be configured in a variety of combinations of mono and stereo to a total of 20 mix busses, which are supplemented by four stereo matrix mixes, four dedicated FX busses, and three master mix busses, offering true LCR mode mixing.

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>Further features include the addition of eight VCA Groups and eight mute groups, while each channel features a custom LCD screen to show identifications, such as channel name, assignments, graphic EQ frequencies and DMX data.

The Si Performer will be controllable from the Soundcraft ViSi Remote iPad app, along with the Soundcraft Vi Series, Vi1 and Si Compact consoles.

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