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ABTT09: Orbital showcases CSC Version 3

ABTT09: Orbital showcases CSC Version 3

Orbital Sound is previewing the latest version of the CSC show control and audio playback software from CTR Electronics at the ABTT Theatre Show in London today

CSC Version 3 represents a significant advancement in real-time show control for theatrical and live sound applications, merging timeline-based graphical editing facilities with cue-list methodology and external triggering. 

Exclusively distributed by Orbital Sound in the UK, CSC Version 3 is one of the most sophisticated and intuitive packages currently available for live control of sound effects and cues. With the new Timeline view, designers can mix and layer complex sequences of WAV files – shifting tracks in time with each other, while manipulating levels and output destinations, using the live mixer and routing modules. The most frequently used routing groups can then be stored for future use. 

Looping and vamping can easily be applied in the software, with the new wave display and enhanced engine. MIDI control is via standard MIDI messages, MIDI Show Control, MIDI Machine Control and System Exclusive data.  MIDI sequences can also be recorded, to enable the capture of digital mixing desk fader movements, or for live recording of sound effects sequences using samplers and keyboards. 

Other facilities include event triggering via remote-control button boxes, MIDI commands and timecode, TCP/IP messages or the system time clock.


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