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AES and OCA to collaborate on 'Open Control Architecture' standard

Adam Savage
AES and OCA to collaborate on 'Open Control Architecture' standard

An AES standards project has been founded to consider the Open Control Architecture (OCA) Alliance as a public standard for the control and monitoring of professional media networks.

The Audio Engineering Society (AES) has partnered with OCA for the project – identified as AES-X210, 'Open Control Architecture (OCA).' Its aim is to produce a public, open, and royalty-free communications protocol standard for reliable, secure control and monitoring of interconnected audio devices in networks of two to 10,000 elements.

When the standard is complete, it is hoped that OCA will find broad acceptance in the media systems industry, and open a new era in standardised, interoperable control of devices from diverse manufacturers.

It is intended to operate seamlessly with a wide range of media transport standards, such as AES-X192, 'High-performance streaming audio-over-IP interoperability' – currently in development – and IEEE AVB. Together, these standards will offer a path to complete network application solutions for future media networks that include both media transport and system control functionality.

“AES Standards has been deeply involved with standards for digital audio since starting work in 1977. The AES-X210 project to standardize OCA takes us to the next important milestone by integrating control with transport of audio over a variety of networks," said AES Standards Committee chair, Bruce C. Olson (pictured).

"Combined with a number of other projects in this exciting area of audio the AES continues to lead the world in audio standards, which enable a thriving marketplace for compatible products from competing manufacturers. We are very pleased to  collaborate with the leading manufacturers in the OCA Alliance on this standards project.”

In the coming months, the AES-X210 task group, part of AES working group SC-02-12 on Audio Applications of Networks, will be meeting to render the current OCA 1.1 specification into standards form and to shepherd its processing through AES' open standards process. During this period, the OCA Alliance will undertake various initiatives to support the work of AES-X210, and to define proposals for future extensions to the standard.

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