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Airsound singled out for great things

Airsound singled out for great things
Airsound LLP, a partnership between sound technologists, development engineers, financiers and commercial licensing specialists has unveiled a series of applications for its Airsound Stereo technology, which creates spatial sound via a method referred to as ‘single point stereo’.

The technology uses loudspeakers in a novel way to convert conventional stereo into true spatial sound that fills the room. This is achieved from a single point source, therefore eliminating the constraints of separate left and right speakers.

The stereo sound is processed with proprietary amplifiers and converted into SPATIAL (Left and Right) and MAIN audio signals. When these are reproduced via a proprietary loudspeaker unit, they produce realistic spatial images recognisable through the room; not just in a ‘sweet spot’ as with conventional stereo.

Applications include domestic TV, radio, HiFi and computer sound systems, commercial audio playback, studio monitors, instrument cabs and PA systems.

The company is headed by inventor Ted Fletcher, the founder of the Alice sound mixer company, where he developed and manufactured large sound consoles for film studios, sound recording studios and the BBC.

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In the early ‘80s Fletcher developed revolutionary voice communications systems for the spot banking market, and invented the first hands-free telephones for use in cars, for Motorola, and later Vodafone. He later founded the Joemeek audio equipment company and developed a range of classic sound processing equipment.

His current project, Airsound LLP is a technology partnership set up with a City of London Investment consortium. In addition, Alan Johnson has recently joined the company as director of business development.

“I’m very excited to be involved with this revolutionary project,” explained Johnson at a recent listening day. “The applications are immense.”

The firm is now actively sourcing audio manufacturers and users to license the technology for a modest unit fee or royalty.

Negotiations are currently taking place with a series of high profile firms, however, Johnson is also keen to introduce the technology into the large format PA market, where he feels the concept could be highly beneficial.

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