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Alcons unveils the CR4 cinema sound system

Andrew Low
Alcons unveils  the CR4 cinema sound system

Dutch loudspeaker manufacturer, Alcons Audio has announced the release of the CR4 large-format pro-ribbon cinema front system.

The company is calling the release the next step in its digital cinema sound system program, which is specifically aimed at medium to large applications.

Alcons is boasting that the CR4 is a cinema industries’ first due to its implementation of line-source technology throughout the entire system. All sections are designed to operate within the established line-array parameters. This combines maximum acoustical output (through driver coupling) with optimized projection control, thus making large waveguides obsolete, enabling a shallow system design of 35cm/13,7-inch for space economic mounting.

By implementing line-source technology, Alcons is stating that the normal (-6dB per doubling of distance) reduction of SPL coverage from front to rear is reduced, and that the resulting “proximity” effect improves the cinema experience for the audience further away from the screen.

The new CR4-system has a three-way configuration, with double 15-inch woofers for low-frequency reproduction. The medium frequencies are reproduced by an array of four units 6.5-inch in a dedicated wave-guide. A pro-ribbon HF section reproduces the high frequencies, already starting at 1kHz; featuring an array of triple Alcons’ patented four-inch pro-ribbon drivers, each with optimized wave-guide and impedance.

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The cylindrical wavefront of the pro-ribbon HF array was designed to provide precise vertical projection, preventing unwanted ceiling reflections.

The CR4 HF section has a 2400W peak power input, offering a 1:16 dynamic range with up to 90 per cent less distortion from 1kHz to beyond 20kHz. The patented Real-90 horizontal dispersion widens the stereo experience for far left and right-seated audience.

The CR4 is available with bi-amp filtering for economical powering or tri-amp filtering for maximum system output. Its Signal Integrity Sensing pre-wiring ensures complete cable/connector compensation between CR4 and ALC, which increases low and mid frequency response accuracy and further reduces distortion. SIS enables system impedances down to two ohms, without any quality sacrifice.

For full system performance, Alcons recommends using the CR4 in combination with an ALC amplified loudspeaker controller. Driven by the ALC, the CR4 delivers increased headroom under dedicated equalisation and inaudible (power and excursion) protection (SDP circuit) with a six-year limited warranty.

The CR4 system has already been installed in the Pathé Cinemas Netherlands and Bergen Kino in Norway.

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