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AMC introduces new digital brochure

Daniel Gumble
AMC introduces new digital brochure

Lithuanian commercial sound equipment manufacturer AMC Baltic has announced the launch of its AMC Product 2012 E-Brochure.

Managing director Gintautas Raudys commented on the launch: "After commissioning London based design agency Hatch Creations at the start of the year, we were keen to present our vast product portfolio in a way that would be easily distributed, cost effective, and future proof when it came to being updated. Hatch came up with a series of digital solutions that more than exceeded all our expectations.”

James Dexter, creative director of Hatch, added: 'It's been great working with our colleagues in Lithuania, they really understood the benefits of what we were doing.

With a brochure comprised of over 120 pages, the company was looking for a solution that was both environmentally friendly, whilst also offering a more practical way for readers to peruse its contents.

Eventually, a three-pronged approach was implemented to hit the brief, which included a series of drop-mirrored images and a fully animated E-Brochure, including such features as on-page index hyperlinks and an additional pop up menu.

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Finally, AMC developed an index-linked pdf (downloadable from within the E-brochure interface), allowing the recipient to print out any page at a decent resolution and can be viewed off-line. There are also plans to distribute this on a CD as a handout at industry trade shows.

A sneak preview of the AMC Product Catalogue 2012 E-brochure can be viewed at

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