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Audio-Technica serves Culture Club’s New Year’s Eve party

Daniel Gumble
Audio-Technica serves Culture Club’s New Year’s Eve party

A variety of Audio-Technica microphones were specified for a special Australian New Year’s Eve performance from Culture Club at Sydney’s Glebe Island.

The reunited band has also confirmed that it’ll hitting the road for a world tour this year, for which FOH engineer Jimmy Sarikas will continue to use Audio-Technica’s vast array of microphones.

Sarikas employs four Audio-Technica AT4047 large diaphragm condenser mics for drum and percussion overheads, two AT4051b cardioid condensers for percussion, a pair of ATM350 cardioid condenser clip-on microphones for saxophones and AT4053b hypercardioid condenser mics for hi-hats and snare resonant head. The company’s AT875R shotgun mic was also pressed into service for the event; a pair of the short condenser models was used to capture crowd ambience in conjunction with a second pair of AT4051s.

Sarikas commented on his choice of microphones: “The Audio-Technica microphones perform beautifully; with drums and percussion being so much a part of Culture Club’s reggae-influenced sound, it’s really important for me that the kit and percussion instruments sit perfectly in the mix. And the AT4047 and AT4051b just sound wonderful, with a full but crisp, natural tone. I love the ATM350 clip-ons for the saxes too – you get such a big, impressive sound from those little mics.”


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