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Avid introduces Pro Tools 9

Andrew Low
Avid introduces Pro Tools 9

Avid has announced a new generation of its Pro Tools editing software with the introduction of Version 9.

While Version 9 software can be used with Avid audio interfaces, it is now opened up to third-party hardware, or no hardware at all when using the built-in audio capabilities of a Mac or PC. New support is also available for the Avid EUCON open Ethernet protocol and expands control surface options to include Avid’s Artist Series and Pro Series audio consoles and controllers (formerly known as Euphonix consoles and controllers).

The open platform of Version 9 also provides more versatility for Pro Tools users, who, in this day and age, need to work on mixes at home, in the studio or on the road.

New features of Pro Tools 9 include:
•    Versatile workflow design options—Enables customers to work the way they want using Pro Tools as a software only tool, or with hardware options that include either a variety of Avid audio interfaces for an Avid-advantaged workflow, or third-party audio interfaces as a result of new Core Audio and ASIO driver support.
•    EUCON support—Delivers more hands-on mixing options to customers using the new Pro Tools software offering or Pro Tools|HD systems with the ability to deeply control Pro Tools through EUCON integration using any Artist Series or Pro Series audio controller or console, in addition to Avid and third-party audio control surfaces.

New creative features are as follows:
•    Automatic Delay Compensation - Equips customers using version 9 of Pro Tools with the ability to create better sounding mixes faster. Users can now mix and record with increased alignment and phase accuracy, without the need to manually compensate for latencies from hardware I/Os, internal and external routing, and plug-in algorithm processing - the number one request on the Pro Tools IdeaScale User Forum.
•    More audio tracks and busses - Allows customers to create more elaborate music and audio productions, with support for 96 mono or stereo voices in the new software-only version of Pro Tools (192 voices with Pro Tools HD systems), 256 internal busses, and 160 aux tracks.
•    Advanced production toolset - Gives customers access to standard professional tools in version 9 of Pro Tools to create more polished mixes out-of-the-box. Users can analyze and adjust timing across multiple tracks for tighter rhythm with the built-in multi-track Beat Detective module, improve organization and asset sharing with the DigiBase Pro file management tool, and save time with full Import Session Data dialog.

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New audio for picture enhancements enables collaboration with other audio and video software users, including:
•    OMF/AAF/MXF interchange and MP3 export - Provides customers with simplified session and file exchange between applications.
•    Built-in Time Code Ruler - Enables customers to achieve greater accuracy when syncing audio to video in post production (software only configuration of Pro Tools).
•    Updated 7.1 surround panner - Allows customers to more easily mix multichannel surround for full film sound production.
•    New variable stereo pan depths - Equips customers with authentic and precise track panning capabilities to achieve analog-console feel.

Ulrich Wilde, producer and engineer for Dethklok, Pantera and the Deftones, said of the new version: “One big thing about Pro Tools being an open platform is that I won’t have to run two systems anymore. Right now I have a dedicated Pro Tools system and a dedicated Apogee system and I have to reboot with one or the other—now I can save space and time toggling between them. EUCON support is also huge for me as I’ll be able to integrate Pro Tools into my studio workflow, which is based on Logic using an Artist Series controller.”

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