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Behringer X32 consoles power Memphis Christmas concert

Adam Savage
Behringer X32 consoles power Memphis Christmas concert

TechLifeLine Productions put three of its Behringer X32 consoles into service for an annual Christmas concert at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts in Memphis.

The gig offered a wide-ranging program of Christmas music, featuring gospel, hip-hop and top 40 performers in addition to popular Christian artist John Angotti.

The event brought together groups from local Catholic high schools, a 140-member choir, a small orchestra and a four-piece band – broadcast live around the world on to a potential audience of 1.8 million.

Three consoles were brought in for FOH, monitors and broadcast, revealed TechLifeLine president, Kiley Butler: "The real benefit of the triple X32 solution was the ability to split and route all of the signals using only the digital routing inside the X32. Utilising the X-Control for our laptops also greatly sped up the process."

The centre point for the production's signal flow was at the X32 being used for monitors, with monitor engineer Brandon Armbruster setting his console as the master clock for the other two consoles. Using the AES50 routing tabs (A and B), all 32 analog inputs were sent to the FOH and broadcast boards.

A CAT5 connection was then made from monitor to FOH. Four mix signals – Main L, Main R plus two matrices – were sent back to the monitor board via the X32 P16 digital outputs, which eliminated the need for a send snake from FOH to the power amps located backstage. Finally, the AES50A on the broadcast audio console was connected to the AES50B on the monitor console.

Tom Browning, who was the designer of the routing structure and also served as the broadcast engineer, was pleased with the results. "The Behringer X32 presented an end-to-end solution that kept all signals in the digital realm, from their entry point at the monitor console until their final analog output. The incredible depth of routing built into these consoles is impressive."

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