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CAST BlackTrax wins Gold at PLASA 2012

Daniel Gumble
CAST BlackTrax wins Gold at PLASA 2012

Toronto, Canada-based CAST recently picked up the PLASA Gold Innovation Award for its BlackTrax 6D tracking system at the PLASA 2012 show.

CAST BlackTrax is an Ethernet-based solution that tracks objects or people in a defined 3D ‘space’ and delivers the dynamic positional data in real-time in up to six degrees, from the usual x, y, z, plus roll, pitch and yaw, to 3D audio, moving lights, robotic cameras, and media technologies, utilising a BlackTrax Beacon, which emits an almost invisible infra red light via the LED that is seen by BT’s proprietary, custom designed camera system. This delivers the positional data to the BTServer. A small wireless radio in the BTBeacon streams the additional data for 6D - roll, pitch, and yaw - as well as redundant 3D backup. The onboard gyroscope communicates the orientation of a moving piece or performer at over 250 frames per second. Control can be located up to 100 feet (30 metres) away with ¼” tracking accuracy.

“This is an incredible honour to be recognised by PLASA, “ said CAST chairman Bruce Freeman: “We’ve worked so hard to make BlackTrax revolutionary, and consistent with what we predicted it’s wonderful that our peers agree: BlackTrax will revolutionize our industry!”

PLASA president Matthew Griffiths said of BlackTrax: “The level of integration with other tools and potential for applications across the industry is incredible.”

Chairman of the PLASA Innovation Award judges Richard Cadena quoted Steve Jobs as saying: “’You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.’ Who am I to argue with Steve Jobs? But every once in a while, someone comes along who is pretty good at connecting the dots looking forward.”

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