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Chris Potter joins Electric Mastering

Chris Potter joins Electric Mastering

Renowned mastering engineer Chris Potter has joined the staff of London-based Electric Mastering. Chris is now working alongside internationally acclaimed mastering engineer Guy Davie, who joined Electric Mastering in 2008 from The Exchange.

Potter began his career as a recording/mixing engineer at Mayfair Studios before moving to Sony Music Studios in London where he spent 12 years working with many of the biggest, brightest and best artists/engineers/producers in the music and film industries. In 1997 he moved into mastering, bringing his love of guitar music and his unique mastering style to many prestigious projects for artists such as Primal Scream, Little Barrie, Fightstar, The Metro Riots and Sons And Daughters.

After leaving Sony Music Studios, Chris joined Alchemy in London, where he remained until its demise last year. His clients cover a broad spectrum of music and he attracts work from both major record labels and independents.

Potter said: “After leaving Alchemy I spent some time freelancing maintaining and building up a steady client base, which I hope to bring to Electric Mastering with me. This is an interesting move for me because the equipment at Electric Mastering is very esoteric and I find it absolutely fascinating to be working on vintage gear because it brings an entirely new dimension to the sound. Much of the modern equipment that you see in other mastering facilities doesn’t allow you to be this hands-on and I’m really enjoying this new found freedom and opportunity to be experimental.”

Electric Mastering, established by Pete Hutchison and Phil Vernol who also run the label Peacefrog, is equipped with a 1970s EMI desk, which was shipped in from EMI’s studio in Lagos, Nigeria. This is the only vintage EMI mastering desk currently in use outside of Abbey Road – and the only unmodified one in use in Europe.

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“We take a purist approach to the desk, favouring simple signal lines with no patch bays to interfere with the clean, unadulterated sonic throughput,” said Hutchison. “In recent months we’ve added more equipment, including eqs and compressors from Esoteric Audio. These compliment the sound of the desk and bring a new dimension to solid state projects.”

Other vintage pieces installed at the facility include a Fairchild compressor and a 1950s EMI mono 1/4-inch tape recorder. The studio also has the latest digital mastering kit, high-end Prism Sound ADA-8XR multitrack converters, a Pyramix digital workstation and Meyer X-10 monitors that offer a neutral, linear playback sound balanced and tailored to the room’s acoustics.

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