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DACS to distribute Cycling 74

DACS to distribute Cycling 74
DACS has announced that it has officially been appointed as the exclusive UK distributor of Cycling ’74 products, effective April 15th 2008.

Cycling ’74 is a manufacturer of professional music technology software, its products including Max/MSP.  

The move coincides with the upcoming launch of Max 5, on April 22nd, which includes (and requires) updated versions of MSP and Jitter. Launched in 1993, Max/MSP is a powerful audio and MIDI programming software, combining the object oriented graphical Max controller environment with the power of MSP audio processing.  Users can create their own algorithms using MSP signal objects, from multi channel playback and recording, to granular synthesis and spectral processing.  With the interactive display, the user ‘wires’ together components with patch cords, allowing almost infinite combinations of objects and algorithms.
DACS Ltd is a small company established in 1987 by Dr Douglas Doherty, in Gateshead, UK. The company specialises in manufacturing and distributing high-end studio equipment and operates worldwide with a broad range of clients, from universities, to bars and clubs, to private studios. DACS also provides a range of services such as acoustic treatment, studio design and build, and equipment supply.


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