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Eavis confirms Glastonbury will take a break in 2012

Eavis confirms Glastonbury will take a break in 2012

Glastonbury Festival organiser Michael Eavis has confirmed that the event will take a break in 2012.

While some reports cite a shortage of police officers and portable toilets due the Olympics as causes behind the gap year, Eavis has acknowledged that the organisers have been planning the break for a long time.

The London Olympic Games will not take place until July 27th that year, around a month after Glasto usually ends, however, the festival itself has not had a break since 2006, meaning that the much needed rest year, which has traditionally taken place every five years, will actually be 12 months overdue by 2012. This makes the break unavoidable, since the veune is still a working farm.

Next year’s festival has already sold out, despite the fact that no acts have yet been named. With a multi-year licence now granted to the event, it is expected that Glastonbury will resume another five-year run from 2013.


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