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EAW UMX.96 console gets world debut with Foreigner

EAW UMX.96 console gets world debut with Foreigner
Following long R&D development and third party assessment, the Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) UMX.96 digital mixing console has finally hit the road with Don ‘Dodger’ Dodge at the helm FOH with seminal US band, Foreigner.

Following a successful introduction on a shed tour of the US during the summer, Dodge is currently in Europe with a blistering schedule that includes supporting Led Zeppelin at London’s 02 Arena.

“The new EAW UMX.96 has really been a great tool for me,” explains Dodge, “but being an old analogue dog it took some persuading to run with digital.”

Indeed, Dodge has used other digital boards in the past, but found the EAW offering an easier solution given Foreigner’s specific audio requirements. “With the band running 48 inputs, with leads on both sides of the 24-channel input page, I was constantly having to switch from 24-channel page to 48-channel page and back again with effects cues. It was a lot of switching.

“The UMX.96 has a full 48-channel input layout which I was attracted to, along with a very big screen, unlike some others where you have a ton of information crammed into an eight-inch square screen. The console also has a ‘warmer’ sound to it than others, with analogue pre amps and VCA section and a very analogue layout to the console.”

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Other features cited by Dodge include the smart touch screen access, store and recall functions and on-board FX, adding; “This is definitely a console to check out.”

An extended version of this interview will appear in the January edition of API. For more information on the UMX.96, point your browser at In the UK you can call Moray McMillin on 07917 350517

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