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Eddie Kramer re-masters Hendrix with JBL

Eddie Kramer re-masters Hendrix with JBL

Legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer recently used the JBL LSR6328P series studio monitor system for the re-mastering of Jimi Hendrix recordings for the new CD and DVD box set, West Coast Seattle Boy – The Jimi Hendrix Anthology.

The set spans Hendrix’s recording career from his first sides as a sideman for The Isley Brothers, King Curtis, Little Richard and others, to more than forty never before released tracks and alternate versions of classic Hendrix songs. It took more than a year and a half to produce.

“I was determined to present these recordings with the best possible sound quality,” said Kramer. “With this project, the quality of the original recordings varied from hotel room demos that Jimi did using just his own personal tape recorder and microphone, to full-blown multitrack masters recorded at Electric Lady Studios. In order to get the most from a wide variety of source material, I needed equipment that let me hear every last detail that was on these recordings, and enable me to make accurate judgments about eq, compression and dynamic range to bring out the most in the source material.

“The LSR6300 monitors reveal tremendous detail. I am very happy with them because they give me the resolution I need, particularly in the high end. They’re very smooth, and the top end doesn’t take my head off. They’re not fatiguing to the ears, which was crucial for the extended listening sessions that were often involved in this project. One particularly important aspect is that I can easily tell where certain instruments are in the stereo image. That to me is critical because I do a lot of very careful placement and a lot of panning.

“I also do a lot of my mixing at low volume. Anybody can turn a speaker up. But when the volume comes down and the relative quality and definition doesn’t change, that is a key element in what I’m doing. I want to hear all the detail that’s on the recording, and I can hear tremendous detail in these monitors. JBL is really doing it right these days.”


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