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FBT to launch Mitus and PROMaxX at PLASA 2010

Andrew Low
FBT to launch Mitus and PROMaxX at PLASA 2010

FBT has revealed that it will us the PLASA 2010 show as a launching pad for the new MITUS Active Series, along with the latest generation of its FBTMaxX polypropylene cabinet powered speaker series, the FBT PROMaxX.

Located on stand E-21, MITUS is a comprehensive range of sound reinforcement systems and is the company's smallest line array. It has been engineered to provide for applications from  pole-mount setup to full-scale line array.

FBT is boasting that the MITUS 206 LA compact line array system boasts an extended performance in the mid and high frequencies due to its original technology, matched with the latest Class D built-in amp design with DSP. Aimed at small to medium sized applications, from multiple cabinet line arrays through to single stand alone loudspeakers, the MITUS 206 LA can be configured with the new flyable MITUS 212 FSA (2 x 12-inch) active subwoofer, or ground stacked on the MITUS 121 SA (1 x 21-inch) or on the MITUS 118 SA (1 x 18-inch) active subwoofers, for optimum low frequencies in all situations.

A gas-injected polypropylene enclosure houses two 6.5-inch woofers with neodymium magnets, a 1.4-inch exit HF compression driver on a unique waveguide and horn, which produces a vertical line source directivity with 100-degrees horizontal pattern. The max vertical dispersion of each module is 10-degrees, dependent upon number of elements. The built-in Class D bi-amp system delivers 600W RMS to the LF and 300W RMS to the HF, powered by a rugged lightweight switch mode power supply, while the system is equipped with built-in DSP and factory presets which allow the system to be EQ'd for specific applications.

The MITUS 212 FSA active subwoofer shares the same width and suspension hardware as the MITUS 206 LA and extends the LF headroom and bandwidth of a MITUS 206 LA array down to 45Hz. Its bass-reflex design utilizes a dual set of high excursion neodymium magnet 12-inch woofers with a Class D built-in amplifier with switch mode power supply, delivering 1200W RMS, complemented by the MITUS 121 SA active subwoofer with a 21-inch woofer.

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Two two-way active and passive speakers are also in the range: the MITUS 112 A and the MITUS 115 A, both built in high grade birch plywood, with tour-tough grille with dust protection foam. The MITUS 112 A has a 12-inch neodymium magnet woofer and a 1.7-inch VC HF compression driver, with Class D built-in bi-amp system with switch mode power supply plus DSP and factory presets for optimum performance in any application. The MITUS 115 A has a larger 150-inch neodymium magnet woofer. The MITUS 210 MA 2-way active stage monitor, with built-in bi-amped Class D system and switch mode power supply, has 2 x 10-inch neodymium magnet woofers, a 1.7-inch VC HF compression driver co-axially mounted on one of the two 10-inch woofers, and a low profile design for live or TV shows.

While maintaining some of the same attributes of the FBTMaxX Series, iFBT's PROMaxX incorporates the company's latest technological advancements to create a new series of speakers.

The series of 2-way speakers features a new cabinet design that increases low frequency SPL and virtually eliminates undesired resonance. A new FBT horn design provides improved projection, accuracy and uniform dispersion of the high mid and high frequencies. Two ergonomically placed carrying handles are integrated into the cabinets for easier placement on speaker stands and when transporting.

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