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Gearhouse expands L-Acoustics stock

Daniel Gumble
Gearhouse expands L-Acoustics stock

Gearhouse, South Africa’s largest rental company has expanded its L-Acoustics stock by reinvesting in more of the brand’s components to complete its existing inventory of KUDO, V-DOSC, dV-DOSC and ARCS.

The new equipment comprises 48 KARA, 12 ARCSII and 12 KUDO WST line source cabinets, eight SB28 and 24 SB18 woofers and 22 LA-RAK touring racks installed with LA8 amplified controllers.

South Africa is fast becoming a regular fixture on the international touring circuit. Combined with an increase in the domestic market, Gearhouse believed that the extra investment in L-Acoustics was essential to service the largest of these events. The company also wanted to update its amplifier platform with the LA-RAK and LA8 platform.

Gearhouse also felt that the new ARCSII would serve as an ideal extension to the L-Acoustics range it already owns. “The small footprint and options in stacking and flying make it an extremely versatile product,” said Andreas Furtner, audio operations manager at the company’s Johannesburg branch. “The compatibility and inter-changeability of amplifiers, controllers and cabling with the other L-Acoustics systems reduces the need to hold a lot of different spare parts and units in stock.

“Although we will mostly be using these as sidefills in connection with dV-SUB or SB28 subwoofers, and as frontfills, outfills and downfills on larger shows, we can also use them in smaller venues as a full range system for live performances. We have already used them on a recent tour by Indian singer Sonu Nigam tour.”

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