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Gospel Oak Studio installs three ADA-8XRs

Gospel Oak Studio installs three ADA-8XRs

Prism Sound has installed three of its award-winning ADA-8XR multichannel converters at Gospel Oak Studio, a new private recording facility near Birmingham. The units were supplied by the company’s new dealer, Kazbar Systems.

Owned by musician and composer John Kelly and located in a converted barn in the grounds of his home, Gospel Oak Studio has been equipped to the highest specification. Alongside the Prism Sound converters on the equipment list is a Solid State Logic AWS900 console, Focal and Genelec monitoring and Logic with a vast array of plugins.

Kelly, who until recently was running highly successful construction and development companies, said: “I’m a reasonable musician with some decent playing and writing experience but because of my other business interests I haven’t always had the time to fully explore music properly. However, now that I’ve stepped back from the day to day management of my companies, I have found myself with time to do my own thing – namely writing and composing, hence the decision to build the studio.”

Kelly’s collaborators in the studio project are producer Barry Bayliss, who has worked with artists such as Carlito, The Satin Dolls and Coppernine (who supported The Cranberries at the NEC) and studio manager/sound engineer Alfie Manhaw.

“Barry and I have been friends for years, so he was the obvious person to turn to for help with setting up the studio,” Kelly said. “Barry is currently producing his own music with James Mitton-Wade (aka Carlito) in their own small studio.  They produce a pretty good sound but Barry felt that an acoustically better studio and higher quality gear would help them to obtain a better mix with greater degrees of accuracy due to the mixing environment. Therefore, he basically specified all of the equipment that he would have if he could, pretty much no holds barred and all budgets blown.”

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As Gospel Oak Studio is for private use only, Kelly and Bayliss were able to specify a facility that exactly suited their needs. They went for a smaller but high-end desk and concentrated on computing power and software rather than lots of outboard gear.

“We also ensured that the physical gear we did buy was the very best, which is why we chose Prism Sound converters,” explained Kelly. “The sound quality they deliver is fantastic and they are incredibly easy to use. We’re really pleased with the back up and customer support we’ve had from the company, especially from Graham Boswell and Chris Allen who have been extremely generous with their time and have helped us set them up exactly as we want.”

The ADA-8XR is a multi-channel AD/DA converter that can be configured in numerous ways using plug-in modules to suit a very wide variety of applications.

Barry Bayliss addsed “Apart from the exceptional sound quality of the ADA-8XRs, what we also like is the AES configuration, which we chose because it gives us low latency (essential for overdubbing), ease of synchronisation and the option of being able to patch in to other external digital devices as and when we need.”

The Prism Sound converters selected by Bayliss were highly recommended by Gavin Miller of Kazbar Systems. In order to keep the project as simple as possible, Kelly and Bayliss decided to use just one dealer who could review, recommend and supply all of the equipment they needed.

“Gavin was ideally placed to fulfill that function because he is a dealer for many of the brands we wanted to use, including Prism Sound,” continued Kelly. “He pulled all the different threads together and liaised between us and the different manufacturers. He also helped with installation, including wiring and acoustic treatment, and his advice was invaluable. Kazbar Systems is continuing to provide a fantastic after sales service and we like knowing that their support is readily available, should we need it.”

In addition, Steve Fisher from Genelec, the technician responsible for fine-tuning the 1038’s and 7071 sub, commented on the acoustic quality of the finished room. "It’s one of the best I’ve seen, better than most commercial studios."

Picture caption: John Kelly (front right) with Barry Bayliss (front left); Kazbar System’s Gavin Millar (back left), Alfie Manhaw (back middle) and Prism Sound’s Chris Allen (back right).

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