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Harman launches Ionix FW810S

Harman launches Ionix FW810S
Lexicon has introduced the Ionix FW810S FireWire audio interface with integrated channel strip processing, designed for the sophisticated home or project studio.

The new recording interface offers the highest quality 96kHz sampling, coupled with dbx high-voltage, ultra-low noise mic pre’s and dynamics. The single rack unit device connects to a digital audio workstation via FireWire and also features the new Pantheon II reverb plugin.

Featuring built in dbx Type IV conversion, the Ionix FW810S will preserve the wide dynamic range of the analog recording even when input levels get too high.  This allows for more headroom, capturing the subtle details in high-level signals instead of hard-clipping them.  

The unit’s software mixer includes a dbx compressor, limiter, gate, and EQ on each channel, and lets users adjust levels and apply dbx dynamics for mixing and fine-tuning recordings in real time with zero latency. It also has the ability to save and load up to five monitor mixes – one for the main mix, and up to four for individual band members.  The mixer outputs can also be used to incorporate external effects gear.  

The Pantheon II reverb plugin affords users the Lexicon reverb sound heard on many commercially recorded pieces of music. Pantheon II provides the ability to change the parameters of six different reverbs, or use one of the 35 factory presets. Also included is a hardware monitor reverb for zero latency monitor mixing.  This allows the performer to put a monitor reverb on their monitor mix without having the latency of monitoring through a reverb plug-in in the DAW.

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The software suite operates on Windows and Mac platforms and also includes Steinberg’s Cubase and Toontrack EZdrummer Lite.

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