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Hottest Glastonbury in history brings sweltering sound to Worthy Farm

Andrew Low
Hottest Glastonbury in history brings sweltering sound to Worthy Farm

The 40th anniversary of the Glastonbury Festival was also the hottest weekend in the event's history, as over 170 thousand people dragged themselves through 30-plus degree temperatures on Worthy Farm in Pilton UK from June 23rd to the 28th.

The festivals main Pyramid Stage saw the return of a Synco by Martin Audio Longbow line array system supplied by London-based RG Jones. Headliners Gorillaz, Muse and Stevie Wonder played through main hangs consisting of 14 of Martin’s W8L complemented by two downfills.

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Four sets of delays were also used in the field, which comprised arcs of 12 each of Martins W8LC arrays and two hangs of four W8LS for downfill coverage. A whopping 54 W8218X subs were employed for LF coverage, used in cells of three in cardiod mode with one rear-facing cabinet.

RG provided FOH engineers with the choice of two Midas XL4 consoles, two Avid by Digidesign Profiles and a Yamaha PM5D for digital or analog control. Synco’s proprietary stage wedges controlled by two H3000 Midas desks handled monitor mixes.

Simon Honeywell of RG Jones commented that the system was very well received; noting Dizzee Rascal’s post-show interview where he commented that the reason people were really going for it during his performance was all thanks to the great sound on the Pyramid stage.

Although the dry and hot weather was not ideal for keeping within the festivals noise guidelines, Honeywell reported that there were no problems with off-site levels. "We were running at just over 100 dB for the headliners and were still able to keep it under the offsite level, which was really good,” he stated.

“Although the PA was the same as last year’s set up, we were able to get in earlier this year and have more time to set it up. We have run into problems in the past where there are too many system techs working on the PA, but we put our faith in Mark Edwards this year and he did a great job."

Funktion-One had a big presence at the festival with its purple boxes on the Dance East stage, the Glade stage and many other areas around the site. It also brought along its Ambisonics rig to the Glade area. This area was used as the Glasto debut of Prism Sound’s Orpheus FireWire computer interface.

A full report on the festival will be featured in the July/August edition of Audio Pro International. Contact to submit information for the feature.

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