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INFOCOMM 09: Powersoft releases new audio suite

Andrew Low
INFOCOMM 09: Powersoft releases new audio suite

Powersoft Advanced Technologies introduced its new Audio Suite control software at InfoComm 2009.

Designed for the live sound and installation market by the by the Powersoft R&D team, the new software has been developed as a response to market research from leaders in the business. Powersoft is boasting that the new software delivers an enhanced customizable graphic interface with drag and drop possibilities optimized for tablet PC use.

Audio Suite is compatible with Powersoft’s K, Q, D, QTU, and its newest K2 model within the K-Light series, as well as its new Installation Series amplifiers. Audio Suite addresses standard RS485 Remote Control protocol on an installed board and Powersoft’s new Ethernet-based AESOP (AES3 & Ethernet Simple Open Protocol) on an installed board (the KAESOP board is optional on K-light and Installation series amplifiers). Audio Suite also features multiple amplifier control windows for real time computer screen display monitoring and control.

Audio Suite software provides two possible workflows: Offline and Online Modes. When used in Offline mode, the user can configure a system before connecting to a network. When used in Online mode, system information can be sent or retrieved from the synchronized network. When used with the new Ethernet KAESOP board, a system engineer can extend the network to a numerous amplifiers with the IP addresses configurable by the end user.

Ethernet networking assures faster data refreshing and data exchange between each amplifier and the host computer, delivering real time monitoring of amplifier status, remote connection, mains presence, current draw, input signal, output voltage, internal temperature, short-circuit protection, clip and fault. Audio Suite also offers real time control of amplifier on/off/stand-by levels, solo, mute, sensitivity, max output voltage, max mains current draw, presets locking and input selection (digital/analogue/KAESOP).

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Its DSP remote control has been optimized with the capability of importing frequency response curves as ASCII data from the most popular measuring of software for an easy re-design of loudspeaker presets that have up to three eq layers of 32 filters each in the input eq, as well as 16 eq filters plus two cross-over filters in the output eq. In addition, DSP control is furthered  by Audio Suite’s grouping feature, which combines input eq, input delay and input attenuation KDSP parameters within a graphic interface. Preset protection is assured by its multilevel locking feature with invisibility of parameters.

Audio Suite is PC compatible with computers offering a minimum of a Pentium IV processor, 1 GB RAM, 128 MB Video RAM, 2,5 GB of free HD space, Microsoft Windows Server 2003/XP/Vista, and a 100 Mbps Ethernet card. The colour monitor should offer 1024x768 resolution with 24-bit operation.

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