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ISE 2013: Funktion-One debuts MST Horn

Adam Savage
ISE 2013: Funktion-One debuts MST Horn

Funktion-One has been showing off its new MST (Modular Stadium Technology) Horn for the first time in Amsterdam this week.

Over the past few years, the company has been working on designing a series of large format loudspeaker horns that deliver excellent low frequency dispersion control.

The new range was created for acoustically challenging environments such as arenas and stadia, where sound can be focused where it's needed, without unnecessarily exciting the reverberant space. This control, combined with the new 10" cone midrange device has resulted in a unique loudspeaker for large sound reinforcement applications, with ultra low distortion and high levels of pattern control.

Towards the end of 2012, Funktion-One's Russian distributor, Edelweiss Audio, informed the manufacturer that it had been successful with its design submission for the Russian Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014.

MST systems are already deployed in the Ice Hockey Arena and Bobsleigh site. The two main systems employ a total of 55 MST horns with numerous smaller speakers for peripheral areas.

"Achieving good vocal intelligibility has always been a primary goal of any public address system.This is of particular importance in stadiums where the focus is on announcements and commentary," explained Funktion-One's Tony Andrews. "More recently, systems have been required to have sufficient bandwidth to be entertainment systems too.The major obstacle to achieving vocal intelligibility in large indoor and outdoor spaces is the very long reverb time which leads to intelligibility-destroying secondary arrivals (reflections) from roof or walls.

"This is a natural result from diffraction of frequencies whose wavelength is larger than the mouth dimensions of typically used loudspeaker waveguides. Typical waveguides are only large enough to control female vocal frequencies. Deeper male vocal and low mid frequencies from music are not controlled and so are diffracted in all directions giving rise to reflections. Therefore, the answer to highly reverberant spaces, is to employ sufficiently large waveguides to completely control all relevant frequencies including low mid, enabling audio to be directed solely to the audience areas."

The MST Horn has already been deployed for a major project – on the official music boats of the Flotilla for The Queen's Diamond Jubilee last year.

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