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ITV, ITN and BBC Sport to present at ITBW

Daniel Gumble
ITV, ITN and BBC Sport to present at ITBW

ITV, ITN and BBC Sport are each set to present at this year’s IT Broadcast Workflow event, which takes place on Wednesday, June 13th at London’s BAFTA.

Chaired by Jeremy Bancroft, director of Media Asset Capital, the conference programme will incorporate a range of case studies by Steve Luck, senior team leader at ITN, Luan Thompson, ITV lead strategist content management and metadata, and Charlie Cope, technical executive at BBC Sport, supported respectively by Gold Sponsors Symbox, AmberFin and EVS.

Following an introduction from Amit Patel, CEO of Symbox, ITN’s Luck will present a case study exploring ‘Integrating People, Operations and IT for enhanced business planning and reporting at ITN’. He will discuss:
•    A Broadcast & IT Human Workflow Management Solution for better visibility, control and timely reports
•    An Infrastructure Management Database to give better control of assets
•    Cultural shift to encourage broadcast engineers to embrace a solution
•    Instant visibility into ITN daily engineering and IT support desk operations
•    Planning future Broadcast & IT Support needs, based on time spent on client activities

Furthermore, Thompson at ITV will talk about ‘Automated QC for HD file-based workflows’, introduced by Bruce Devlin, CTO AmberFin, Co-author MXF Format.

Silver Sponsors of the event are Blue Lucy Media, Digital Rapids, the IABM, Pebble Beach Systems and SGL.

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