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JBL drops it like it is hot at South Koreas largest nightclub

Andrew Low
JBL drops it like it is hot at South Koreas largest nightclub

Systems integrator Sovico AV recently installed a new JBL Vertec powered full-size line array system at the new Kwangju CD nightclub, the largest dance music and DJ venue in South Korea.

Sovico AV installed the system with design assistance from Sovico R&D, the firm’s acoustic research laboratory specializing in acoustic measurement, sound design and system tuning.

Kwangju has over 36,000 sq ft and an architectural design allowing for 300 tables along with an additional 30 private rooms. Its octagon-shaped overhead ceiling is divided into separate moveable parts, able to mechanically open to support a wide variety of special effects including artificial snow and artistic lighting.

With numerous audio requirements, sound designer Jon Won Lee had to devise a way to provide the best possible coverage despite the buildings unusual architecture, He stated: “The design of the facility, with such an extensive hall size, required a powerful system to support the variety of performance activities taking place in this space,” noted Lee. “The sound system in the club must serve five specialized DJ teams, two different house bands, three dance teams and two performance art teams.”

To meet the sound design specifications, Sovico installed a total of 12 VERTEC VT4889ADP powered full-size line array elements, configured in two arrays of six. These full-range arrays are supported by a total of eight VT4880ADP powered full-size arrayable subwoofers with ultra-long excursion 2269H 18-inch transducers, configured in two arrays of four each, located in coves beneath the performance stage. The entire main system features JBL DrivePack technology, which incorporates Crown Audio's patented BCA (Balanced Current Amplification) and Class I circuitry.

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Four JBL PRX535 powered systems are onsite for use as localized area fill speakers. A Soundcraft GB8 is the primary mixing console for the venue and signal processing is handled by 2231 dual 31-band graphic equalizers and 1066 dual compressor limiter gates from dbx, and a Lexicon MXP1 effects processor. Seven AKG WMS4000 wireless microphone systems are on hand for use by performers. Upon system commissioning, Sovico engineers conducted comprehensive onsite training sessions for the venue’s technical staff.

“The new powered full-size models in the Vertec family make an ideal system design approach for this type of application,” noted David Scheirman, JBL's VP of tour sound. “The models selected for the Kwangju CD club offer high output power capabilities combined with complete system integration including the onboard digital signal processing inherent to the JBL DrivePack technology platform.”

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