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JBL VERTEC line arrays deployed for 'The World's Largest Disco'

Adam Savage
JBL VERTEC line arrays deployed for 'The World's Largest Disco'

The 2012 World’s Largest Disco – a giant '70s dance party for 7,000 people – was fuelled by 84 JBL VERTEC line array loudspeakers.

Held at the Buffalo Convention Center in New York, the annual event is a charity fundraiser held by Conesus Fest to raise funds for Camp Good Days and Special Times – a summer camp for children with cancer.
“If you’re doing the sound for The World’s Largest Disco, the system has to be no-holds-barred,” said Ray DiBiase, president of Northeastern Production Systems (NPS), which provided sound, lighting and video systems on the night. “The music is the reason everyone was there and we had to move 7,000 people with loud, bass-heavy sound in a room that’s the biggest dance floor in New York State.”

The sound system NPS brought in comprised JBL VERTEC VT4889 full-size line array elements, VT4886 subcompact line array elements and VT4880 full-size arrayable subwoofers.

Eight VT4889 loudspeakers were hung from each side of the main stage, with six VT4886 units on each side, and 24 VT4880 subwoofers ground-stacked six-wide and two-high on each side of the stage. An additional left-right configuration of eight VT4888 mid-size elements each served as delays, while another eight VT4889 loudspeakers provided centre rear delay.

Six VT4886 loudspeakers per-side provided emergency backup sound, hung from the upstage lighting truss. In addition, a left-right configuration of four VT4888 loudspeakers per-side – stacked on dual VT4882 subwoofers – served as the main system for the VIP Room at the event.

Crown VZ5000 and MA2400 amplifiers powered the main VT4889 line arrays and the VT4888 delay loudspeakers, while Crown IT8000 and IT12000HD amplifiers powered the VT4880 and VT4882 subwoofers, VT4886’s and the rest of the VT4888 and VT4889 loudspeakers.
“There were people everywhere, and we had to make sure that the music was heard and just as importantly, felt by everyone,” DiBiase explained. “As any sound reinforcement pro knows, thousands of bodies can absorb a lot of sound, aside from the fact that the party was in such a big room. It was also a total party atmosphere with everyone making a lot of noise, and the system had to be heard above all that.

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