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Lab.gruppen unveils new website

Lab.gruppen unveils new website
Lab.gruppen has launched a brand new customer-focused, interactive website, which has been designed in direct response to Lab.gruppen's research into customer needs.

Lab.gruppen's Managing Director Tomas Lilja says: "At Lab.gruppen we have always taken customer support very seriously, talking and listening to our customers and taking their views on board. Over the last year we have conducted a series of informal research initiatives and the results have influenced the new website design and content."

The company has recently introduced its PLM Series. Among early adopters, Clair Brothers are the highest profile purchasers having struck a landmark arrangement for Lab.gruppen's PLM Series to meet the "growing power amplification and loudspeaker management needs for the touring division". And, with the arrival of the new PLM Series, there also came an increasing need to support customers with documentation and software and firmware updates.

"Right from the outset we've provided an auto-update feature on the PLM Series software and firmware installer and we have now extended this initiative to make all updates and informational improvements totally available," says Michael Jarl Christensen, VP sales and marketing. "The new website offers intuitive access to everything you need; one click and you're pretty much there."

Registration processes have been greatly simplified so that Lab.gruppen customers can easily sign up to register their purchases, access the certified pre-owned products scheme or ensure they are informed about future enhancements to their products.

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According to head of marketing, Tim Chapman, the new website is the next logical step for a strong successful company that prides itself on its innovative approach to product and business development. "We recorded sales growth of over 25 percent in the last calendar year, so we're clearly doing something right." noted Chapman. "The new website is designed to aid that process by making access to information about all Lab.gruppen products and services as simple and transparent as possible."

Michael Jarl Christensen added: "We are in a very competitive market. Customers rightly expect professional service. At Lab.gruppen we know that our products are not only among the very best available but also that we listen to our customers. As a result, we will continue to refine our products and services to meet their needs now and in the future."

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