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Lectrosonics introduces WA520 Wireless Antenna

Lectrosonics introduces WA520 Wireless Antenna
US wireless microphone systems and audio processing manufacturer Lectrosonics, has introduced the WA520 Wireless Antenna, the latest in a long line of highly innovative “thinking outside the box” products.

The WA520 Wireless Antenna covers the entire UHF range between 450 and 850 MHz and consists of a directional component (Log Periodic Dipole Array, or LPDA for short) and an omni-directional whip element for re-transmission to the receiver. The two components are coupled via a 50-Ohm matching circuit.

The WA520 operates by providing up to 7 dB of isotropic gain via the LPDA in the forward direction in order to overcome the inherent loss incurred by re-transmission via the whip component. The resulting RF field signal strength is +0 dBi or unity gain. Thus, the operating range of the WA520 is dependent on placement and the original RF field strength.

According to Lectrosonics, consistently good results have been obtained with distances up to 300 feet (90 meters) between the transmitter and the WA520 and then up to 20 feet (7 meters) between the WA520 and the receiver.

Mounting and placement of the WA520 is very simple, since no antenna cables or power sources are required. It is critical, however, that the receiver whip antenna and the re-radiator antenna not be placed directly above the other due to the antenna null directly above and below the vertical axis of the two antennas.

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The mounting block on the WA520 can accept several threaded stud sizes, including 1/4-inch 20-thread (tripod mount), 3/8-inch 16-thread (pro tripod mount) and 5/8-inch 27-thread (mic stand).

“This is one of those products that had us saying 'why didn't we think of this before?' states Karl Winkler, director of business development at Lectrosonics. "As it turned out, we had, indeed, thought of it before many times but rejected the idea outright. This time around, it finally made sense for some reason. The elimination of the antenna cable between the remote antenna and the receiver is another step forward in making wireless systems truly wireless.”

The WA520 Wireless Antenna is shipping from today, with a MSRP of $699.

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