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Live Mixing Workshop to be held in Hanover

Live Mixing Workshop to be held in Hanover

The international Live Mixing Workshop is to be held at MusikZentrum in Hanover this September. Budding and established sound engineers will have the opportunity to work on all the audio aspects of a live concert – from set-up to the final encore.

The workshop will be held in English and will focus on all aspects of a live gig, including planning and setting up the public address system, miking and frequency management, and fine-tuning the monitor and FOH sound. Prominent sound engineers and event professionals will assist participants, while the band Rauschenberger will perform the live act. The Live Mixing Workshop is organised by Sennheiser Sound Academy and supported by co-sponsor Yamaha, the SAE Institute and Fischer Amps.

“What makes the Live Mixing Workshop so special is its practical orientation,” explained Kirsten Wessendorf, manager of the Sennheiser Sound Academy. “Of course, we don’t neglect the theoretical aspects, but anyone who has had the opportunity to plan frequencies themselves, or test different microphones for an instrument, is unlikely to forget what they’ve learned.”

A team of professionals has been assembled to teach participants, including FOH engineer Oliver Voges, monitor engineer Wayne 'Heights' Gittens, frequency coordinator Svenja Dunkel, RF wireless expert Klaus Willemsen, public address specialist David Ludz and host Gregor Zielinsky. As usual, they will pass on the tips and tricks they’ve learnt from experience.

The seminar programme deals with all the questions and problem areas that come up during a live gig, such as: 'Where is the best location for a particular kind of speaker?', 'How do I prepare everything for the line check?', 'What microphone for which instrument?', 'How do I calculate microphone and IEM frequencies?' and 'What types of filters and which effects round out the sound?'. The leaders of the seminar will take ample time for questions.

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The Live Mixing Workshop will take place from September 20th to 22nd, and can now be booked through the Sennheiser Sound Academy. The number of participants is limited to 70, who will be divided into small groups for the practical sessions. Information and registration forms are available at

As a special bonus this year, Fischer Amps will produce ear impressions of the participants at no cost and will give a 15 per cent discount on IEM ear moulds and hearing protection.

The Sound Academy will be pleased to respond to queries and assist with hotel booking (as an alternative to spending the night at the MusikZentrum at no cost). It can be contacted on +49 (0) 5130 600-9579.

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