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Mackie DL1608 tested at Record Store Day event by FOH engineers

Ahren Lester
Mackie DL1608 tested at Record Store Day event by FOH engineers

Mackie’s much-talked-about DL1608 digital live mixer with iPad control—unveiled at this year’s Winter NAMM—has been used in the field by two FOH engineers at this year’s Record Store Day on April 21st.

The FOH engineers for Dierks Bentley and Brad used the 16-channel mixer for the first time at the show. The real-life showcase is part of Mackie’s gearing up of preparations fot the delivery of the ground-breaking iPad-centred mixer which will hit stores worldwide in the summer. Also included in this preparation will be the company’s release of the DL1608’s Master Fader control app in June. The Record Store Day field test is one of many which will see the new app being put through its paces.

Dierks Bentley’s FOH engineer, Pugs, and Brad’s, Barrett Jones, both used the DL1608 at the Seattle independent music store, Easy Street Records. This was just one of the 700 independently-owned record stores nationwide who took part in this annual event which sees record stores collaborate with musicians to celebrate the art of music.

Dierks Bentley and Brad—composed of Stone Gossard, Shawn Smith, Regan Hagar and Jeremy Toback—performed at the store which often hosts afternoon shows with touring artists scheduled to headline at larger venues in the evening at their 750 capacity venue.

On this occasion, their FOH engineers only had a quick tutorial on how to use the DL1608 before their 30 minute sound checks. As a Mackie spokesperson noted, “Normally a FOH engineer wouldn’t touch a digital mixer they’ve never used  just minutes before a show (especially since this performance would be streaming live on Sirius Satellite Radio).”

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Despite this, both engineers acclimatised to the new tech with ease.

 “Although I had never used this mixer before,” explained Barrett Jones, “it was straight forward, easy to use, and well laid out.”

Jones also added that the portability of the mixer was also a major plus: “It was great to be able to tweak the monitors from each monitor position on stage with the iPad controller,” he added. “The ability to mix the show while walking around the floor was really nice.”

Overall, the Mackie DL1608 stood up well to the 10-hour day which featured performances from four bands, all-in-all. As Mackie noted, it provided the company with invaluable hands-on insight into the reliability of the hardware and areas in need of updates for the app.

The Master Fader app will be available from June 2012 for the iOS Store.

May 2012 will see Mackie launching their Mackie DL1608 Video Podcast series. This will provide people the opportunity to harvest a wide range of info including basic instructions, advanced “how to’s” as well as tips and tricks. According to Mackie, later episodes of the podcast series will include direct replies to questions posed by customers via their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The Mackie DL1608 will be released worldwide in summer of 2012.

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