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Martin Audio showcases MLA at Hammersmith Apollo

Helen  Kennedy
Martin Audio showcases MLA at Hammersmith Apollo

Martin Audio unveiled MLA-Compact to the media and global distributors alike at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo over two days for its first international showcase. The feedback received over the four sessions was overwhelming, including vistors travelling from North America to attend the event. 

In his opening speech, managing director Anthony Taylor referred to the 900 original MLA systems now out in the field, stating that the release of a Compact version was an inevitable consequence. "We have been working on this for the last 14 months and we are very excited by the concept," he said. "It has all the attributes of the original MLA- it is an incredibly powerful system, and the fact that it is scalable will put us into all kinds of different areas. The Compact is particularly well suited for installation projects as well as side fills for the MLA and venues up to 5,000 seats."

He added, " I think the market expected us to go to a smaller box with the same characteristics, and this is really just the start of how we will deploy this technology."

R&D director, Jason Baird, provided an in-depth presentation of the system while leading FOH engineer Trevor Gilligan mixed the show on both days with the help of Dave Bigg on the first day and Martin Audio's NIgel Meddemmen on the second. Reference tracks were used throughout the presentations to demonstrate the MLA-Compact system and different optimisations. These included spoken word (A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy), Jennifer Warnes' Somebody, Somewhere and a blast of German metal sensation Rammstein. Guests were invited to walk the room, including up to the Circle,  to experience the consistency of cellular control, as well as to the back of the stage- behind the hangs- where the sound levels were impressively quiet.

Director of sales, Simon Bull, summed up the fantastic reastion to the launch. "Everyone was extremely impressed, not only with how professional the presentation and demonstration were, but with the quality of the sound system itself. The exercise acheived everything we wanted and more."


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