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Music strategist to discuss hit-making formula

Daniel Gumble
Music strategist to discuss hit-making formula

American music strategist, Jay Frank, is set to discuss his 15-point plan for making successful chart and online pop music in London tomorrow night, CMU has reported.

Formerly senior vice president of music strategy for CMT in the US, and a previous head of music programming for Yahoo!, Frank recently published a book named FutureHit.DNA which analysed various music-related stats to propose formulas for songwriters to follow in order to procure hits.

While many are likely to disagree with such an approach to songwriting, his findings certainly generate some very interesting points, some of which caused a stir at a recent conference organised by collecting society ASCAP in the U.S. where Frank gave a presentation of said findings.

He is due to make a similar presentation at the PRS headquaters at 6.30pm tomorrow night at an event held in association with the Music Managers Forum. He will also provide feedback to tracks written by members of the audience.

A handful of tickets are still available at £30 each, although if you use
the link here you can get your tickets for £20 plus VAT:


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