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NAMM 2011: UA launches UAD-2 Satellite

Adam Savage
NAMM 2011: UA launches UAD-2 Satellite

Universal Audio has unveiled its new UAD-2 Satellite Duo and Quad Firewire DSP accelerator packages.

The UAD-2 Satellite series combines DSP acceleration with the plug-and-play simplicity of Firewire 800/400 — perfect for modern, Intel-based iMacs and MacBook Pros.

This new product gives Firewire 800 and 400-equipped computers access to the entire UAD powered plug-in library, with no need for a PCIe card. UA’s DSP engineers worked with leading hardware manufacturers while developing these plug-ins, including Roland, Neve, Studer, dbx, Solid State Logic, Lexicon, Manley, Empirical Labs, Trident, SPL, EMT and more.

Available in Duo or Quad processor format, with either two or four
 Analog Devices Sharc processors, UAD-2 Satellite packages provide a processing boost for digital audio workstations and include a selection of classic analog emulation plug-ins.

“This is a really exciting announcement, both for UA as a company and for legions of musicians and engineers wanting to tap into UAD-2 plug-ins via Firewire,” commented Universal Audio president Matt Ward. “The UAD-2 Satellite is a sleek, high-quality product that delivers even higher quality results.”

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“UAD-2 Satellite is the result of UA listening to our customers and giving them a processing solution that is both elegant and powerful,” added UA senior product manager Lev Perrey. “Coupled with our roadmap of exciting new plug-ins, we anticipate this product expanding our
40,000-strong UAD user base significantly in the years to come.”

For more information on the UAD-2 Satellite, visit the Universal Audio website here.

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