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New Apple iPad revealed with Quad Core processor and Retina display

Ahren Lester
New Apple iPad revealed with Quad Core processor and Retina display

California-based manufacturing giant, Apple, has revealed the new product from the iPad stable at an event held in San Francisco.

The new iPad—which Apple refer to as “Resolutionary”—has most notably incorporated the much-expected Retina display. Although only 264ppi this allows the iPad to pump out 2048x1536 pixels from its 9.7 inch screen (compared to the iPad 2's 132ppi and 1024x768 pixels). Luckily, as the pixel ratios have been kept the same, developers will have few headaches in adjusting apps to suit the new iPad’s capability.

The new iPad—which has not been referred to with any specific numerable suffix—is also capable of producing 1080p video; an improvement on the 760p of previous models. It also features a new 5MP iSight rear camera with illumination tech incorporated.

Apple have also confirmed that the new iPad will have a new Quad Core A5X processor which, according to Apple, will provide speeds “twice as fast” as the previous model. Despite this, Apple maintain that the new iPad will be able to match the iPad 2’s 10 hours battery life.

The iPad also now features 4G LTE connectivity technology which can provide up to 73 mbps (in the places it is available, naturally) building upon the previous 3G only technology available on previous models.

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The new iPad has got a little thicker than the iPad 2—0.4mm to be exact—as it now measures in at 9.4mm. It has also put on a little weight with it being 662g (or 652g without 4G) as opposed to the 613g (or 601g without 3G) of its predecessor. This is not surprising seeing as the new tablet has had to accommodate the more powerful screen as well as the various other bits of tech. In reality, most will probably find that a negligible difference.

In contrast to previous models which were the standard silver, customers will now be able to pick up the new model in a wide variety of dynamic colours—well black or white actually, but it is still a greater choice.

In terms of other new features, it will have voice dictation software included as well as a new iPhoto app (for photo editing).

Those who had fun taking a stab at what the new iPad would be called—iPad 3 or iPad HD being two popular options—may be disappointed that it will simply be referred to as the “iPad”. Most assume that this is in line with Apple’s treatment of the iPod and iPod Touch which are simply referred to as 1G (First Generation), 2G (Second Generation), etc. when differentiation is required.

US customers will be able to pick up the new iPad at $499 (16GB), $599 (32GB) and $699 (64GB). UK customers will be able to purchase the new iPad at £399, £479 and £559, respectively. Nonetheless, no matter where you are you will be able to pick up a new iPad from March 16th with pre-order's already accepted.

The iPad 2 will still be sold but at a reduced price. £329 (16GB and WiFi only) and £429 (16GB and WiFi and 3G) in the UK. In the US this is $399 and $529, respectively.

Whatever price it may be, we will no doubt be seeing the new iPad showing its (still fairly) svelte “resolutionary” body throughout the pro audio industry very soon.

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