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New series of Game of Thrones miked by DPA

Adam Savage
New series of Game of Thrones miked by DPA

Award winning production sound mixer Ronan Hill (pictured) used DPA 4071 mics to capture on-location dialogue for the third series of popular TV show Game of Thrones.

“As someone who was brought up to 'get it on the boom' and only use radio mics when there was no other way, I have become a convert to them when used with DPA’s 4071 lavalier microphones,” said Hill. “The DPA 4071 is great when used outside. They give really good isolation from environmental conditions, while still retaining a natural vocal quality. They are also good when recording inside as they offer reinforcement to the boom.

“The show is filmed in many remote and hard-to-get-to locations – and in all kinds of weather conditions. In Series One we were shooting in temperatures of -17 ºC, while in Series Two we had to contend with a hurricane. Every day is an adventure in sound.”

The 4071 became the lavalier microphone of choice for the show at the start of Series Two, following a recommendation from supervising sound editor Stefan Henrix.

“You soon appreciate how good they sound,” Hill explained. "They are available with well thought out accessories to aid fitting, and we fitted them to all cast with dialogue. Thankfully, the cast appreciate that the costumes are difficult for sound so they are tolerant to tweaks that will save the need for ADR.”

Hill’s experience with DPA technology has so far been limited to the 4071s, but he is hoping to get his hands on more models from the brand in the future.

“As a result of my good experiences with the DPA 4071s and the positive feedback I have heard about DPA’s other microphones, I can’t wait to try more of them,” he concluded.

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