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Oakley reassures market

Oakley reassures market

At the recent Behringer Partners Event 2010, held last week from February 24th to 27th, Midas Klark Teknik's managing director, John Oakley, took the time to talk frankly and freely about his company's position within the newly formed Music Group.

In the interview, Oakley allays people's fears that the great Midas name could be swamped or absorbed by the MI audio giant, Behringer and points out what he sees as the overwhelming benefits his company stands to gain by being part of the group.

In the article, written by Andy Barrett, Audio Pro International's managing editor, we get to see the passion Oakley rightly has for his comapny and how convinced he is that the systems Behringer has put in place and that are planned – not least the new 'Behringer City' planned for completion in 2011 – will see advantages for Midas in terms of investment, R&D and global accessibility for his high end products, while not compromising his company's position or heritage.

"There is a huge amount of R&D to be done," said Oakley in the interview. "As time goes on, we are looking to do some some genuine research and make some real innovations. I have had my doubts, as everyone else, but once I saw what Behringer and The Music Group had going on here, I knew this was the route to go down."

The full article can be read here – along with discussion of the possibility of an elephant in the room.


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