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PL+S 2010: Lab.gruppen launches PLM 20000Q

PL+S 2010: Lab.gruppen launches PLM 20000Q

Lab.gruppen has unveiled the new flagship of the acclaimed PLM series at Prolight+Sound 2010 in Frankfurt. Along with two Lake processors, the 20000Q boasts four, 5,000-Watt channels, making it the most powerful amp of its kind.

“It’s no longer necessary to split configurations across several amplifier types,” observes Miguel Hadelich, VP touring market, TC Group International. “Rack configuration and inventory management can be vastly simplified, saving time and labour costs.”

The PLM 20000Q incorporates several new developments to maintain rated performance even with extreme program demands or under marginal operating conditions. A new universal power supply with power factor correction (PFC) allows extended bursts without sagging rails; extreme low frequency beats will not affect mid and high-frequency headroom. Also, with a differentiated load on the four outputs, a higher wattage can be delivered to the more heavily loaded channel while peak voltage remains accessible on all channels. In addition, new limiter profiles (developed in consultation with leading end-users) result in improved subjective performance when the desire for increased SPL exceeds allowable limits.

Finally, to assure uninterrupted service when pushed to extremes, the PLM 20000Q employs a proprietary Breaker Emulation Limiter (BEL) (to prevent tripping of mains breakers) along with advanced peak limiting circuits that keep output devices inside operating tolerances and below the thermal protection threshold. And when confronted with sagging mains voltage, new Under-Voltage Limiting (UVL) allows continued operation even when mains supply is as low as 65V.

In addition to Lake features such as Raised Cosine Equalisation, Limiter Max peak and RMS limiters, and Iso-Float ground isolation, the input and DSP sections of the PLM 20000Q also include AES3 digital and Dante networked inputs, primary and secondary network connections, digitally implemented zero-overshoot Inter Sample Voltage Protection Limiting (ISVPL). LoadSmart load verification and SpeakerSafe loudspeaker performance monitoring. All PLM Series products are controllable via the Lake Controller software application, and all are fully compatible with the new LM 26 Lake Processor, Dolby Lake Processors, and other legacy Lake processors.

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The PLM 20000Q delivers 5,000 Watts per channel, with all channels driven into an optimum impedance interval of 2.2 – 3.5 ohms. Output per channel into 4 ohms is 4400 watts, all channels driven. Peak output voltage is 194V, while total harmonic distortion at 1kHz and 1dB below clipping is less than 0.04 per cent. The amp is housed in a standard 2U chassis and weighs 17 kg (37 lbs).

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