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PL+S 2011: DPA launches new modular mic series

PL+S 2011: DPA launches new modular mic series

DPA has launched a new modular series of microphones at Frankfurt.

The Reference Standard 4000 Series builds and improves on DPA’s Compact and Standard 4006, 4011, 4015 and 4017 mics, making a wide selection of capsules available at different price points and performance demands. Three brand new preamplifiers improve on previous designs: the MMP-A ultra transparent transformerless preamp with active drive for impedance balancing, the MMP-B preamp with low cut and high boost filters, and the 45mm compact MMP-C preamp with a softer character.

The range’s modular design allows any mic within the series to be transformed into a new variant. Additionally, owning several capsules will be more cost effective than the expense of purchasing complete mics, according to DPA.

Also new to the range are the new Twin Diaphragm Capsules which form the 2000 Series, bringing down the cost of owning a DPA microphone to between Euro 600-700.

The MMC2006 omni and MMC2011 cardioid capsules are rooted in the design technology of DPA’s classic miniature capsules. The 2006 encapsulates two opposite-facing 4060 omnidirectional miniature diaphragms to form a one-capsule, dual-diaphragm design, reducing noise and enhancing sensitivity. The 2011 also benefits from DPA’s interference tube design experience. These mics are designed to bring the sound qualities of DPA’s 4006 omni and 4011 cardioid to a larger market.


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