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PLASA CEO Matthew Griffiths: ‘Relocation will benefit audio companies’

Daniel Gumble
PLASA CEO Matthew Griffiths: ‘Relocation will benefit audio companies’

PLASA CEO Matthew Griffiths talks to Audio Pro International about the PLASA show’s move from Earls Court to the ExCeL centre.

“We’ve been reassessing the show for some time in light of the uncertainty surrounding the future of Earls Court, and the main driver was looking at where we wanted to take the show and how we could improve it for an international audience. Also, we really wanted to remain in London and ExCeL offered the greatest benefits. This is something we’ve been working on for a long time and it’s not a decision we have taken lightly.”

Clearly one of the contributing factors in the decision to relocate to the East London location was the venue’s facilities, which are designed to cater for the primary needs of an international event. Griffiths explains: “The first thing is that it’s a purpose built exhibition venue. It has all the requisite facilities; there are more than six hotels on site and the new cable car system can now connect visitors over the water.  As an exhibition centre it’s the most easily workable venue in London. 

In addition to the purpose built nature of the venue, the vast size of ExCeL also offer more opportunities for the PLASA show to expand its offerings. “We have aspirations for the show and we are looking to branch out more, which is something we can really do now. At ExCeL we have the potential to develop conference ideas and introduce new elements to the show. We will also have more demo areas, which will benefit many audio companies as this is something we’ve maybe lacked at Earls Court."

So, what of the move from September to October? “One of the main factors in moving from September to October is that the summer festival season now goes on for much longer than it used to, so traditionally we see a lot of audio professionals just coming back off tour, making it more difficult for them to attend. We also wanted to avoid the clash with the IBC show that we’ve always had, and we thought that as we were moving to a new location we should also move the date.

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“We’ve been getting a great deal of support with the move, and we will also be taking exhibitors around the centre so that they can see for themselves how the whole operation will work.”

Griffiths concludes: “We are really excited about the move, as it represents a new era for the PLASA show. Overall, the move has to benefit the industry and these changes will ensure that that happens.”


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