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PLASA Focus: Leeds 2012: Canford adds Roland to range of distributed brands

Daniel Gumble
PLASA Focus: Leeds 2012: Canford adds Roland to range of distributed brands

Canford has announced the addition of Roland to its range of distributed brands, and will be showcasing a selection of Roland products at the PLASA Focus: Leeds 2012 show this month.

Canford will present an array of products from Roland at PLASA Focus, whilst simultaneously announcing their appointment as a distributor for the brand. Products will include the VC-30HD multi-input video converter and encoder, the VR-3, and A4 sized compact ‘all in one’ audio mixer and video switcher and two USB audio interfaces. The UA-55, which provides four inputs and four outputs and the UA-1010, providing ten inputs and ten outputs will also be on show.

The company will also be exhibiting a selection of products from its other distributed brands, including the new Telex BTR-240 wireless comms system, which is exclusively available through them in the UK. The BTR-240 system operates in the licence-free 2.4GHz frequency band and is designed to deliver full-duplex operation for up to eight beltpacks with an almost unlimited number of half-duplex beltpacks. The BTR-240 can operate in three modes, as a normal wireless system with a base station relay, over a building’s existing Ethernet infrastructure, or with a beltpack acting as a mobile access point enabling wireless comms between the rest of the belt packs being employed with no need for a fixed base station.

Furthermore, a selection of Voice Technologies microphones will be displayed alongside a host of performance mics from Shure, Beyer and Audio-Technica.


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