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Powersoft drives Eisenhower Hall Theatre

Powersoft drives Eisenhower Hall Theatre

The spectacular Eisenhower Hall Theatre at West Point Military Academy, the second largest proscenium-style theatre in the United States, is now home to Powersoft K Series amplifiers. Big Mo Pro, the systems integrator contracted by the theatre to upgrade its audio system, chose to install 32 Powersoft K6 and K8 series amplifiers driving a 72-box line array system for the 4,325-seat performance space.

“Powersoft has been my amplifier of choice since it was introduced to me five years ago,” said Greg Rosenkrans, co-owner and CEO of Big Mo Pro. “For the Eisenhower Hall Theatre installation, we employed Powersoft amps to drive line arrays from EM Acoustics. We replaced the original system that was installed back in 1970 (we are actually using the old system for emergency paging) and the sound from the new system is simply superb. We now have extremely tight and powerful bass response with loud and clear sound to support the many activities and performances presented at the hall.”

The Eisenhower Hall Theatre at West Point is used by United States Corps of Cadets for internal programming and is also available to the public at large as the premier performing arts centre serving the Hudson Valley area of New York State. The lineup of top entertainment includes Broadway plays, opera, dance productions, symphony orchestras, staged spectaculars and country and rock concerts. The 193,000-square-foot Eisenhower Hall complex also houses Ike's Riverside Café (a 600-seat dining room), a 13,000-square-foot Ballroom, Benny's Lounge (a bar/lounge) and the Class of 1929 Art Gallery.

“Powersoft really made a difference for this installation on many levels,” continued Rosenkrans. “Because they only take up one rack space, I was able to put the entire system into two 44-space racks. If I used traditional amplifiers, that would be three or four racks and there was simply not enough room to install these 20 feet from the stage.

"We are also using Powersoft’s Armonía Pro Audio Suite amplifier control package, which is ideal for this fixed installation, allowing us to streamline our setup and drop outboard eq and crossovers, and save even more space. The K Series has power factor correction circuitry that really works. When we were testing out the amplifiers, we started with the subwoofers and the sonic results, in our opinion, crushed all the competition. It’s pretty amazing technology they have going on there. We tried every way to make the amp fail and it just kept on going.”


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